About us

The poet William Wordsworth advised: "Bring with you a heart that watches and receives". This quite neatly expresses the company philosophy of Nuna Travel.

Nuna Travel is a dynamic, niche-market tour operator, founded by Monica Alberghini based on her many years of experience in travel planning. These were years of creativity, fed by research and by a thirst for knowledge about cultures, places and civilizations.
Her dedication and meticulousness enabled her to grow the professionalism and ability needed for creating entrancing itineraries, where naturalistic and cultural aspects form the foundation of the travel experience.

An expert on the Arctic, Canada and Alaska, Asia, Africa and Oceania, and passionately interested in nature and adventure travel, she decided to put her experience to work by offering a professional, highly specialist travel consultancy and organization service.

The philosophy of Nuna Travel is to invite travelers to interact with diversity and to regenerate the mind in fresh, new settings.
Classical Chinese and Japanese painters, before painting a blade of grass, a cloud, or a rock, contemplated each of these expressions of nature until they became one with them.
One poet wrote: "Become a tree if you want to understand what a tree is". In the same way, we must become Inuit, Indians, and South Sea Islanders, if we want our trip to make sense.

Travel should essentially be a metamorphosis. That is the whole point of traveling.

The mission of Nuna Travel is to instil in the traveler the overwhelming wonder and awe that every travel experience holds in store.

Nuna Travel pays special attention not just to the concept of travel, but also to its organization and technical details. Indeed, organizing trips to the Arctic or to far-flung corners of Africa and Asia requires very strict organizational criteria.

  • We personally test all the facilities that we offer our clients, from the lodge to the helicopter transfer company.
  • We operate constant and stringent quality control, and we are in continual contact with our local partners.
  • We make sure that we can always intervene promptly in the event of technical or operational problems, or if there are specific needs during the trip.
  • We have a 24-hour phone helpline, served by those who are directly responsible for the package.

Thanks to our direct contacts with the most highly qualified and professional partners for every one of our destinations, Nuna Travel is able to organize and design high-quality services, provding assistance, general information and everything necessary for the preparation - and the success - of the travel experience. Assistance is guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, before and during the trip.