Travel Design

Travel Design is our consulting and planning service for creating bespoke travel experiences. It is Nuna Travel's flagship service.

Bespoke travel design is a paid service for experienced and inquisitive travelers who see travel as a route to personal enrichment, a way to experience different cultures and outlooks and to see the world through differently.

Nuna Travel designs bespoke travel experiences and considers each and every trip a unique product, built around the client's own personality and aspirations, irrespective of whether the destination has already been the focus of other travel design projects. Every new project brings a new and different interpretation to the destination, in order to make that project unique.

The Travel Design service is the result of many years of our love of travel, experience, insider knowledge, and meticulous attention to every single aspect, technical, cultural and human.

Precisely because the personalization is client-centered, Nuna Travel's consultancy and design are paid services: the point of the service is to plan the trip, independently of whether the client chooses to book it with Nuna Travel or with other operators.
If the client decides to book their trip with Nuna, the cost of the trip will be reduced by the cost of the travel design service. The service can be conducted at the client's home, if desired. Estimates on request.